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Installation of Python

Goto and download latest version of Python. 

Use Jupyter notebook for python  or Use Google Colab [Gmail cloud] for python code execution or programming.

Steps - Python Installation 


Automate the Boring Stuff

Building A simple Machine Learning Module

Ensemble Techniques

Machine Learning - Chris Albon

Python Daily Tips - Twitter

Data Analytics - FreeCodeCamp Tutorials


Coding Ground {Python Community}



Kaggle Dataset

Python Quiz

Python Exercises

Python Interview Questions

Python on

Geopandas - For Spatial Data

The goal of GeoPandas is to make working with geospatial data in python easier. It combines the capabilities of pandas and shapely, providing geospatial operations in pandas and a high-level interface to multiple geometries to shapely. GeoPandas enables you to easily do operations in python that would otherwise require a spatial database such as PostGIS.


Data Science

Data science is a way to try and discover hidden patterns in raw data. To achieve this goal, it makes use of several algorithms, machine learning(ML) principles, and scientific methods. The insights it retrieves from data lie in forms structured and unstructured. So in a way, this is like data mining. Data science encompasses all - data analysis, statistics, and machine learning. 

# DW, DE, DF, DC is known as Exploratory Data Analysis.

Types of Supervised / Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm

Let us see different types of machine learning algorithms:

Supervised Learning 2